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“An examination center is not an experimentation lab”.

In accounting, individuals are normally required to be qualified before they can be considered for the corresponding job, as the selected are likely to be dealing with confidential and personal information. Skill Gap in Accounting and Finance (SGAP) assessment is delivered through the cloud (online) to assess students and job aspirants on their knowledge and skills and hence measure their employment readiness of college for a position of junior accountant. The assessment is designed.

  • To measure the student from a corporate perspective and not to judge the student
  • To showcase a student’s strengths and weakness and direct students towards understanding gaps in their skills.
  • To provide critical evaluation for each concept scaled up to overall learning

The assessment is carried on by running a series of templates uniquely designed to give a corporate flavor and work-flow of functional processes. The student is tested for the knowledge required for process execution performed by the accountant in the business enterprise. Each student undergoing the assessment gets an individual report on their standing in the below knowledge areas, immediately after completion of the test.

  • Academic Concepts in accounting
  • Process knowledge in accounting
  • Analytics skills needed for accountant
  • Software Skill and awareness

The report contains the skill measure of the student for each of the above knowledge area and the skill measure is categorized as Poor, Good, Average and Excellent. The student understands where they stand with respect to employability skills.

As part of the process knowledge in accounting required business enterprise, the student is measured for the maturity level required in multiple functional process groups.

Based on the skill measure across knowledge areas and the score in each of the functional process groups, the student is provided with an employment readiness score. The employment readiness score can take 4 different values Lack Basic Concepts, Knows Basic knowledge, Needs Practical Training, Employable Skills.

The direct and indirect audience for the assessment test are
  • Entry level accountants working in finance & accounting department of business enterprise.
  • Fresh Graduates or Final year graduate students interested in an entry level accountant job.
  • Corporates interested to find skill gap in their entry level accountants
  • Colleges interested to know the employability quotient of their commerce students.

Principle behind assessment

SGAP is a diagnostic assessment in areas of finance and accounting for entry level accountants.

Formative and summative types of assessment are natural part of an educational process. Formative assessment provides training providers and student’s information about the progress of the learning process to support future learning. It may also assist students as a guidance tool within the learning process. Summative assessment provides information about the level of the student’s performance, usually at the end of a course.

Diagnostic assessment assess skills and knowledge of students before a learning process starts. It also measures students' current knowledge and skills for the purpose of identifying a suitable program of learning. The information obtained from this type of assessment can also be used by trainers to adapt the training plan for the actual group of trainees.

Any grading of assessment methods is subjective, and there will be degrees of difference in the assessment of reliability and validity criteria for the different techniques in use. There is not a single assessment method or technique for testing the full range of capabilities and competences an accounting professional needs to demonstrate to be admitted to the profession.